Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Hi All,

Sophie here. Just posting a couple of pictures of Richard/Dad at the top of Mt Ventoux after completing his ride. Mum and I are incredibly proud of him, and a bit in awe. There were a lot of other riders who were struggling and to top it off, when he got to the top he still lifted his bike above his head for photos, despite the other riders around him all saying they were too sore to do so and kept their bikes on the ground.

Richard has promised to blog later today about his adventure, but he's currently sleeping off a LONG morning. Everyone should toast him tonight though, because trust me, just driving up that mountain was a struggle and a half...


  1. Absolutely awesome feat Richard. Well done!

  2. Well done old chap. Was Cadel Evans in the peloton by any chance. Drinks at the club when you return.

  3. Where is the picture of Sophie holding up the Leaning Tower?