Sunday, June 7, 2009

5/06/09 - Grignan Chateau & The Ragondets

We went to Grignan (about an hour away from where we were staying) to meet up with our friends, the Ragondets. Nathalie and her sister Sandrine came to stay in Perth on exchange in 2005 and we have been lucky enough to see them a few times since. Their mother Chantal suggested we all meet in the little village of Girgnan, where the Chateau is. It was a wonderful day and great to catch up with the three of them.

Soph checking out the roof of a castle we visited in Grignan:

Nat is studying Fine Arts at uni and is very talented artist (website here). She isn't sure what to do with the degree, but illustrating seems to have enough money to make a living in her opinion. Anyway, her design and drawing for a poster for a town festival was selected out of thousands of entries, and that town just happened to be Grignan! The first batch of prints arrived the same day we were there, so we had one up and forced her to pose with it!!! She's fantastic!


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