Tuesday, June 9, 2009

La Defense (Grand Arch) - What James didn't mention

Richard here - Given some of the tiles on the side of the Grand Arch were cracked, I was worried about those above my head. The building has about a kilometre of forecourt, looking towards the Arc D'Triomphe, surrounded by commercial tower blocks on each side. What James didn't mention was the health hazard due to the thousands of smokers from the towers out in this forecourt puffing away. It would have been heathier for me to have caught the subway back to the Arc D'Triomphe.


  1. Aaah, see I went there after dinner at night when the cbd was empty and it was lit up. I was the only one there. Very surreal.

  2. Careful, Paris being the dullsville that it is, is even more conservative than Perth. The trains stop at just before midnight rather than 1am here.

  3. On Sunday (dimanche) most things were shut around here, apart from museums, so the dullesvile tag seems a rather stupid one for Perth - perhaps civilised might be a better description, to take a lead from Paris and Parisians view of themselves.