Thursday, June 11, 2009

À bientôt France!

We've been trying unsuccessfully to load some pictures from Versailles. Not very important, just wanted to show you the ones from the afternoon when we all looked like we'd been for a bit of a swim after the constant rain which wasn't forecast (just goes to show you can't trust weathermen in any country!). I (Sophie) still had an amazing day. Each time I have been there (3) I have stayed from opening to closing. Definitely a must-see for everybody.

The pictures will have to wait til we are back down under. Mum and Dad are currently out and about using their last day in Paris to see a couple of museums I think, and I am supposed to be trying to salvage what has become the bomb site known as my suitcase.

Tonight we are leaving France on an overnight train to Venice. Mum and Dad have spent their time since we left Perth telling me horror stories about the overnight trains, and were apparently surprised after the many stories which resulted in people being stabbed or thrown off the train, that I am now reluctant to use said train.

We imagine that WiFi will be limited (unless i get lucky and strike some internet!) and expensive in Italy, so the blogs will also be few and far between now.

Wish us luck for a safe arrival in Italy, and we'll be sure to have some Pizza and Pasta for everyone!

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