Sunday, May 31, 2009

Made it to Dubai!

We have successfully made it to Dubai and have a couple of hours + free wifi to kill in the lounge. Somebody went through the fire exit though and now there are alarms blaring. Dad thinks sleeping in Business Class was like sleeping in a comfy tent and you could hear the wind rushing past outside the tent (the air conditioning in the plane). Mum and I found our little tunnel beds just fiiiiiiiiine. We've also noticed the increase in people taking advantage of the cheaper business/first class airfares, they were both booked out, while Economy was pretty quiet. The lounge is packed and we've only just found a table 45 minutes after getting in here. Will post a picture of the very weird LCD coffee table.

We have seen conflicting air temperatures: 27, 31 and 41 degrees. It definitely feels like it's 31 but that's just the humidity.

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